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Robert Ludlumo


Tony Gilroy, W. Blake Herron


Doug Liman

produced by:

Hypnotic, The Kennedy/Marshall Company, Universal Pictures, Kalima Productions Gmbh & Co. Kg, Stillking

distributed by:


Italian dialogues:

Carlo Cosolo

dubbing direction:

Carlo Cosolo


sefit-cdc group

dubbing assistant:

Andreina D'Andreis

dubbing sound technician:

Mario Luini

editing society:

cast doppiaggio


Matt Damon:

Francesco Bulckaen

Franka Potente:

Chiara Colizzi

Chris Cooper:

Luca Biagini

Brian Cox:

Bruno Alessandro

Julia Stiles:

Barbara De Bortoli

Gabriel Mann:

Alessandro Quarta

Orso Maria Guerrini:

Orso Maria Guerrini

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje:

Stefano Mondini

Clive Owen:

Danilo De Girolamo

Tim Dutton:

Pasquale Anselmo


The Bourne Identity
Germany, Czech Republic, USA 2002

Here we have a James Bond type spy film with a CIA agent who, saved by an Italian fishing boat crew (in which we find an 'evergreen', unchanged Orso Maria Guerrini), has lost his memory.

Once on solid ground he understands that someone wants him dead; he realises he can use weapons, knows martial arts, can speak a great many languages but every time is amazed at his capabilities.

The Bourne girl (Marie) is a girl met by chance at the American embassy, who, for money, helps him escape.

Differing from James Bond, Jason Bourne does not have incredible tools and objects with which to defeat his killer but only his sensitivity and his capacity – due to his work, but he doesn't know that – to instantly understand that something is about to happen.

The dubbing direction isn't bad but it's not worthy of merit or otherwise; everything proceeds without any hindrance, without there being anything either really lovely or really horrid which makes us sit up in our seats.

As far as the adaptation is concerned: usually, in action films of this type there aren't sentences which are too cultured or noble; it would not have been difficult, with a bit more attention, to render the dialogues a little less out of place.

Three examples to explain the above:

  1. Jason says to Marie, immediately before going for a drive around Paris at maddening speed, in the wrong direction, followed by lots of French police cars and motorbikes: "Quanto hai cura della tua macchina?" (how well do you look after your car?)
  2. Marie, of German nationality, after having: assisted the first attempted killing of Jason, seen the killer dying (having thrown himself out of the window), seen the female doorkeeper of the building with a bullet in her forehead and after having been sick, says: "Avevo bisogno di un drink" (I needed a drink), with an involuntary parodistic effect.
  3. The finale is incomprehensible:
    Marie: "Hai i documenti?" (have you got the documents?)
    Jason: "No, veramente" (No, really)

[original review in Italian by Elisabetta Fumagalli]


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