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Thomas Meehan e Mark O'Donnell (from the musical of the same name)


Mark O'Donnell, Thomas Meehan, Leslie Dixon


Adam Shankman

produced by:

Gabriel Simon Production Services, Storyline Entertainment, New Line Cinema

distributed by:


Italian dialogues:

Tonino Accolla

dubbing direction:

Tonino Accolla

editing society:

Studio Asci

sound technician:

Technicolor Sound Services

dubbing assistant:

Roberta Schiavon

dubbing sound technician:

Mario Frezza

sound mixer technician:

Gianni Pallotto


Edna Turnblad :

Claudio Sorrentino

Velma Von Tussle:

Emanuela Rossi

Tracy Turnblad:

Maria Letizia Scifoni

Wilbur Turnblad:

Oreste Rizzini

Penny Pingleton:

Francesca Manicone

Corny Collins:

Simone D'andrea

Motormouth Maybelle :

Alessandra Cassioli

Amber Von Tussle:

Ilaria Latini

Link Larkin:

Davide Perino


Paolo Vivio

Prudy Pingleton:

Paola Giannetti

Mr. Pinky:

Giorgio Lopez

Mr. Spritzer:

Bruno Alessandro


USA 2007

Hairspray is a 1988 musical revisited. We find the highest level of singers and dancers in the cast right up to the famous John Travolta and Queen Latifah. The dialogues, precisely because most of the film is sung, are reduced to a minimum, but are well done: true to life expressions, no diversions or mistakes preventing us from feeling as if we really are in 1962 (the year in which the story takes place); the songs have been left in the original version and subtitled so that we understand the meaning which is perfectly acknowledged and acquired.

The dubbing direction is good: Sorrentino gives little feminine inflection to his character, just like Travolta (we can see it in the songs) thus remaining faithful to the English version. Emanuela Rossi, the treacherous Velma Von Tussle is very good, just nasty enough to give us a caricature without falling into the hysteria trap which would have damaged the character and which some dubbers dangerously do). The other actors have also done a good job. In particular, a mention must be made for the enjoyable dialogue (the only one) between Emanuela Rossi (Velma Von Tussle) and Oreste Rizzini (Wilbur Turnblad) in the second part of the film. A worthy mention and one not so worthy for the distribution house company: merit - finally we were able to read the name of the adaptor at the beginning of the film credits and, together with the interpreters, the names of the respective dubbers;

demerit - why entitle the film "Hairspray - Grasso è bello" (Big is beautiful)? I would imagine it was the easiest solution to indicate that it’s a remake but it leads the public astray from understanding the message of the film.

[original review in Italian by Vittoria Alessi]


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